Moxie Meds: Medical Cannabis for Women

It's about time!

Women’s specific cannabis needs have been overlooked for too long. It’s time for relief and recovery.
It's time for Moxie Meds.

Medical Cannabis: For women, by women

Our medications are centered around our values and the best available science. From the farming of the ingredients we source to the suppliers of our packaging materials, we are focused on increasing the therapeutic qualities of our products and minimizing our environmental impact. We believe that female patients deserve better options and that women who work in cannabis deserve greater support and recognition from the broader industry.

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Maggie "I am thankful for the support and freedom. My period usually begins with a dull lower back pain. This symptom typically precedes my bleeding by a day, and carries on throughout my entire period. While I am grateful..".Read More

1. Be Well

Moxie Meds Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oils and a full plant extraction combine to provide you with the best possible all natural medications to bring a balance and ease to the toughest times on women's bodies and minds.

2. Take it slow

Start gradually, slowly increasing your dose to reach desired effects. Take notes if you can, as it will help you determine your dosing needs over time.

3. Find the sweet spot

More isn't always better, so incremental increases are the best way to find the most effective dosing for your personal needs and at various times in your cycle.