My Journey to Recovery…

For most of my life, my period has been a BIG problem. At first it was centered around missing school due to cramps and pain, then missing work became the additional concern and the wild emotional/hormonal swings could no longer be explained away due to age. By my early 20’s I began being hospitalized due to severe cramping and vomiting, mostly at the height of my cycle. It took a long while, as it often does, and many expensive useless tests and incorrect diagnoses, for it to become clear that I have endometriosis.

Even after the battle to finally have an accurate diagnosis, not much changed for the better. Although I was still quite young, a partial or full hysterectomy was offered as a solution, as were hormones of course. I was prescribed many types of strong pharmaceuticals, most of which created side effects that I didn’t feel I could live with either. I am a believer in attempting to address medical problems from a preventative and natural, more holistic approach versus jumping right into pharmaceutical and surgical options, so I have been searching for better solutions ever since.

I started working with a cannabis dispensary several years ago, a place unique enough to get access to CBD rich medications as they first arrived into the modern cannabis world. Knowing little about them and wanting to find better options for myself and other patients, I began experimenting with CBD for my period and endometriosis.

The “early years”, as I call them, for CBD rich medication was like struggling in the dark a bit and since then, positive change that sheds light has been rapid and exponential. After my first dispensary shut down, I moved to another that has maintained a significant focus on the benefits of CBD rich cannabis and have been honing my experience and knowledge ever since.

Medications have dramatically improved, as has our understanding of how CBD works. My endometriosis hospitalizations have dwindled to none and my cycle is radically improved. My cramping and pain levels now resemble that of the women I was jealous of when I was younger, some discomfort but nothing I can’t manage with some Moxie!

This medication was created for patients like you by patients like you.