Designed for women like me…

I didn’t have any insight as to why my periods were so debilitating until I had a tubal ligation in 2011. During the laproscopic surgery my doctor was able to ‘take a look’ inside my abdominal cavity. My doctor told me that everything looked fine but that she found a small group of endometrial cells on my left fallopian tube. She said that these cells don’t pose a threat to my health (especially since I’m not trying to get pregnant) but may cause my period to be even more painful every other month.

This new information gave me something to read up on and find out how other women deal with the negative impacts of endometriosis. At the time there wasn’t much help to be found. I learned that most of the research revolved around fertility and not necessarily pain management. I continued to self medicate with a variety of over the counter painkillers along with smoking heavy Indicas. Being very sensitive to THC, I got used to the fact that every other month I would lose a whole day to coping with the pain and then awaken feeling tired and less than alert the next day.

Thankfully, in 2014 I became aware of the healing and pain management properties of CBD rich cannabis products. And finally, in late 2015, I was introduced to Moxie Meds. These products were designed for women like me, who have struggled to find a natural pain remedy that works without impacting the ability to think clearly and have a productive workday. Moxie Med’s allows me to live my life with freedom from excess emotional stress and anxiety and drastically reduced pain.

I start to take the Recovery blend in a low dose (2 drops per day) the week before my period is due (and frankly any time I’m feeling anxious). It makes a big difference and allows me to tend to the period and endometriosis pain before it gets the best of me. When I have the time to stay at home and have a self-care day, I rely on the Relief blend to take the overall edge off the discomfort of having a painful period and the aches & pains that come with it. Since I started regularly taking Moxie Meds Recovery blend, I have noticed a huge decrease in my overall pain and anxiety. I am truly thankful to have a smokeless medication that is easy to take anytime and anywhere.