These are perfect for me!

I love Moxie Meds! Hot flashes wake me up on a regular basis. I use the Recovery 4:1 for when I wake up in the middle of the night and need a little help getting back to sleep. I return to sleep quickly and wake up completely clearheaded and well rested. After years of menopause and post menopause symptoms, Moxie Meds tincture helps me get the sleep I need.

The Relief 1:1 tincture is perfect when my arthritis is throbbing away. I just put a few drops under my tongue and it eases the pain in minutes. When I’ve used similar medications, it’s often too much THC and not enough CBD. Either that or I have to take so much and still get less help. These are perfect for me! What a wonderful way to get relief from my aches and pains. Moxie Meds are so much better than reaching for an over the counter pain reliever.