A sweet taste of freedom!

I want to be completely honest…I did not know what to expect with Moxie Meds tincture. I have tried other CBD tinctures in the past, and, frankly, have not come away impressed. I didn’t want to be disappointed again. So, with a healthy dose of optimism and skepticism, I started taking the Recovery 4:1 tincture. I thought it would take a while, maybe days, before I felt an effect.

HOWEVER, within half an hour of taking the Recovery 4:1 tincture, all that changed. I had made a mental note to check in, to be scientific. At first, after about fifteen minutes, I felt a definite sense of relief. That was nice but there was still an ache, still a “there” there.  So, I took another two drops.

When I reminded myself to check in again, at 30 minutes, there was no “there” there!  My right hip felt fine, just like my left hip.  All the pain was gone. I’m sorry, I didn’t state that well.  ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE! So, thank you, oh my god thank you.  I am immediately going to order some more. You have truly made the world abetter place!  Congratulations and blessings!

Why do I have hip pain? Here’s my history:  I injured myself in a spectacular display of poor horsemanship, throwing my right hip out of its socket, about five years ago. That did sting.

It got better but not well. I ignored it. It got worse. I finally went to the doctors again and wound up having two cortisone injections in the joint, both helped for a while. I’ve taken ibuprofen, tramadol, and finally hydrocodone. There was some pain relief with all of them, but the tramadol was the best at relieving pain.  The hydrocodone was not really helpful.  Gave me a headache too.

However, hold your horses, your Recovery 4:1, got rid of ALL the pain in two doses of two drops each, four hours apart. Gone. Zip. Nada. Getting relieved of chronic pain is sooo sweet. The chronic”ness” of chronic pain sucks sooo much. You have to adjust to the day in day out of it. You learn to work around it, forget about it, go on. But when it actually disappears?  Boy oh boy oh boy… That is a sweet taste of freedom I didn’t know I’d ever experience again in this life.

The quality of your products is obvious and potent. The packaging is elegant, inviting, informational, and attractive. Kudos to your design team! The tincture itself is a beautiful color and aroma, very well mixed. And the taste! How did you get it to taste good?

We should jump to our feet and yell  “stop the presses!”  (Nowadays it would be stop the tweets!)  You#don’t#have#to#hurt!